Dr. Ondřej Daniel

Ondřej Daniel is a cultural historian working on topics related to popular culture, social class, urban/rural divide and migration in the context of Czech and European postsocialism. He published works that synthesized his research on the role of subcultures and violence in the development of postsocialist Czech popular culture. His current work examines intersections of class and culture in contemporary Czech history. Full CV


Current research project

The project will amplify the notion of cultural capital as a tool of distinction of social groups. Class structure, present even during the state socialist rule despite the communist dictatorship, re-emerged as an important societal marker during the postsocialism. The project will illuminate the hegemonic discourses about inequality at work in the culture produced by and for people, who may be understood as making parts of rural and semi-rural communities in East Central Europe. It will focus on the shifts in class structure and the stress on the new dichotomies that have emerged in the narratives of postsocialist societies. Such dichotomies include those between central and peripheral regions and between the post-socialist urban and rural communities.


Selected publications

  • Ondřej Daniel, Jakub Machek and Tomáš Kavka (eds.) Listening to the Wind of Change. Popular Culture and Subcultures of Czech Post-Socialism. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2016.
  • Ondřej Daniel. On human trafficking, Schengen visas and drunken workers: Czech media representations of Poland in light of three migration issues after 2013. In Karina Marczuk (ed.) Good Neighbourhood Treaties of Poland. Basingstoke: Palgrave 2019, pp. 145-160.
  • Ondřej Daniel. “Not racists but careful”: Czech images of Visegrad collaboration during the crisis of European migration policies. In Adam Bence Balasz and Christina Griessler (eds.) The Visegrad Four and the Western Balkans. Framing Regional Identities, Andrássy Studien zur Europaforschung (Band 25). Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2020, pp. 109-124.
  • Ondřej Daniel. Music subculture vs. class revolutionaries: Czech antifascism in the postsocialist era. Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies. 2020, 9, 1-2, pp. 54-72.
  • Ondřej Daniel. “Vodka, beer, papirosy”: Eastern European working class cultures mimicry in contemporary hardbass.“ In Marko Kölbl and Fritz Trümpi. Music and Democracy. Vienna: mdwPress, 2021, pp. 153-170.


Contact: ondrej.daniel@univie.ac.at