Mag. Martin Gumiela

Martin Gumiela has studied History and German Language at the University of Vienna (Secondary School Teacher Accreditation Programme).

Since October 2020 he is a doctoral student at the Department of Contemporary History of the University of Vienna and Fellow of the Doctoral School for Historical and Cultural Studies.
His doctoral thesis explores the „emotional fundament of the Polish United Workers‘ Party“ in the stalinist period (1944–1956). This research approach focuses especially on the cadres of the state party with the aid of theoretical aspects from the field of History of Emotions such as the concept of „Emotional Regimes“.


Research Interests

Contemporary History of East-Central Europe

State Socialism

History of Emotions





Krwawe I przebiegłe? Kobiety władzy w wybranych państwach socjalistycznych [Bloody and perfidious? Women of power in chosen socialist states]. In: Karolina Białas, Katarzyna Jóźwik, Kalina Słaboszewska (Ed.), Kobiety i Władza (Warszawa 2019) pp. 114–126.